Industry Stories

The Labourer

I never aspired to working in this industry but when my husband and I separated, I had to make some decisions about how to support my 4 kids

The Crane Trainee 

I was told it was really hard to get into this industry so that pushed me to make my own way even more. I would go around to different sites and ask around and that’s how I am with the company that I am with now.

The Metal Fabrication Workshop

There are stereotypes about who is supposed to do what job. We don’t believe in those stereotypes

The Carpenter

It’s important to be that example to the next person. For me, being gay, being a woman in the trade, is both part of changing the mindset of people and seeing other girls behind me get a go.

Your future is in your hands

Whatever interests or talents you have, there’s a trade out there with your name on it.